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Tuesday, May 31

3 Rukun; a Reminder

Salam to all mahiss debaters.

Recently, after losing contact with the debater for almost two months, i came to maahad to check out on the debaters. and i cld see it was a tough time for them, as they were getting ready for their big tournaments. and I pray Allah blesses them.

alas, theres a few things that i feel i needed to remind all the debaters. and i do hope everyone cld read this and try to relate back to wats been going on.


on the last day of school i gathered raihan and the girls in surau just to give this piece of advice. n now its time to refresh back. during debate, never ever brought up personal issues and affairs inside training. go and find a dictionary and find the def of being professional. do u see barack obama while having his speech to the nation, suddenly he says "my wife is cooking steak for me at home and im hungry now"?! no! what i mean by mixing ur personal affairs, its either through ur talk or showing them through ur attitude. so avoid these things, b serious, easy to communicate with, n charismatic. insyaAllah He will guide u thru, ameen.

and also, what i mean by being professional is, when u have a problem within the team, please do not talk behind other people's back. instead, solve it in the ways that are most directly fair for everyone. solve it in a professional way. a debater shld think of little problems but instead think more on how to solve it.

2) 3 simple rukun that u need to abide

when i came to school on the day of my graduation day, i did mention this to everyone. the 3 rukun ukhuwah that shld b inside everyone of u.

1# salamatul sadri (berlapang dada)

u bersangka baik with ur friends, with ur debate team! with ur leader!

2# tawazun (the feeling of being equal)

the feeling of being equal, is that u accept ur friend's weaknesses and strength. u do not judge ur friend, u make them as ur equal and never somebody who is above or below u. with that, then u will reflect back to urself. u will b able to accept UR strength and weaknesses!

3# ithar (sacrifice)

u have this feeling that u wld sacrifice for ur friend's sake. in order to protect them, to make sure they r ok, uwld sacrifice. this is the hardest to follow because so many people are selfish nowadays, but its possible! remember back how the prophet's sahabat took care of their brothers in islam once upon a time. how saidina ali wld sacrifice himself and lay down on the prophet's bed on the night when the prophet hijrah.


do not lose focus, and keep on praying. u guys will come out of this in one piece biiznillah. i believe in u, and i believe in Allah for letting u choose this path. may Allah bless u.

wanie cham.

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