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Saturday, May 7

Training till now

Yesterday at MAHISS we had a training. although some what surprise the debaters we're still enthusiastic about everything as well as the trainer.

Most of the things a I wanted to do with them was the fundamentals and technical of debate, Faiz (my own mentor) always reminded me how I should go easy and on the basics when teaching debate. You have to understand, it's not a soccer club.

It's been a long while since the last time I came and train them at MAHISS, but alhamdullilah they still remember the basics of everything (including Ulfah) and in that I'm grateful (at least they are not rusty).

In response, I told them my own debate journey, about me going to Hong Kong for my debate tournament, how I utilize my debating experience with my dakwah, and how i live my life.

fundamentals I told them, are like pillars, and anything important in this world needs fundamentals (you'll be called a fundamentalist for following it), including debate (it is important).

the five fundamentals I outlined was:
  1. Burden of proof
  2. Definition (Characterization)
  3. Model (Mechanism/ Tactics and Poi's)
  4. Consistency
  5. Clash and Response
I told that if you look at it clearly, put the arguments away, this is what it takes for you to have an average debate. (although this is what I think, anyone can differ)

And this is where the training begins.

I really hope I could come and train MAHISS more after this, but alas they have exams till 26th which is the date for the selections.

Regardless of that, I'm pretty sure they'll be able to go through IIU and Musleh in one peace. 

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