What is Debate???

Tuesday, April 26

Reminding you just incase you forgot

My debating career has never been more hectic than I've imagined it to be. with all the rifts rafts of my training, my schools training and my studies, it seems I'm getting too intertwined to debate, and I don't like that. Wani once said that I'm married to debate, I beg to differ.

Last night, I had my own debate training at Gombak, there was a lot of yelling and angry phases(faces) from my trainers about how my seniors weren't doing what the trainers asked them to do. In this I wanna remind you all.

I've thought you guys a lot actually, maybe to much even for me to do (I even made a book for you guys) so now the only thing is whether or not you guys want to apply it in debate and improve yourselves. My trainer always told me that the time during training is only the moment to see how far I've improved, the time to improve yourself is during your day to day life.

Before I go to sleep there are always 3 things I'll do
  1. Baca Qur'an (Surah Mulk, Sajadah and Waqiah)
  2. Go through the daily news (especially the religion section for me)
  3. Look into the mirror to see how handsome I look.
the first one is for spiritual matters, the second is for information and the third is just to increase my confidence level. although you guys might see that these things are small but it goes a long way to improving one's abilities to speak. so i ask you all, start doing something about yourselves, you have to have that impetus to improve and be better. I would like to quote from Umar al-Khattab:

 "A Muslim is someone who doesn't fall into the same hole twice"

Learning from that I'm sure we all can improve ourselves for the upcoming debates.