What is Debate???

Friday, December 24

Greetings.. =)

Assalamualaikum to maahaddebatrs *korang ni baca lagi tak blogggg niiiiii ** hehe.

I thought of writing this aftr I found out tat laptops arent allowed in DQ (thats where im going aftr ths). so i guess u will b seeing my next post looooongggg timeeee aftr this. though this post seems so happy-yippie-yappie, but yeah this is all just to cover my deep grief for not going to b with u guys next yr and to continue Our debate Journey...

therefore, heres a few things i wld like to say:

Dear Raihan,
please take gud care of the debaters next yr. I noe u can do wayyy better than when it was in my time. remember all the things we have taught u from day one, well analyze it and only take wats gud from it and continue the legacy. with great power, comes great responsibility (i quote from Spiderman, But its Really True). so i need u to take care of tat responsibility wisely ok? Ill be cheering up for u, always, no matter where i will be... (u have my word on tat). **and also, please take gud care of urself ok. u wont b able to do all these things if ur not in a gud shape.

Dear debaters:
you guys r the most amazing ppl ive ever met in my life (believe me). from all of u, i learn the true meaning of determination, hopes, struggle, dreams, and thus creates the future.. i hope all of u cld still continue and pursue those things tat ive seen u guys do it many times during ur previous trainings with me. do not give up so easily, n continue fighting for wats right. I once said to Arifuddin, tat debaters are supposed to be people who change for the better and fight for the truth and wats right. so be tat person, n dont do "weird" things tat cld cause others trouble or so on.. becuz take a look at wats behind ur debate shirt all along. "we conquer the world with words". make Brother Fakhry proud, make Me proud, make Maahad proud, make the society proud, and most importantly make ISLAM proud..

me leaving will not change anythng tat wat u guys r trying to reach in life. but always remember, tat no matter where i am i will always b rooting for u guys. n if u ever, ever need me, well DQ allows hp and u cld reach me anytime u want (except when im sleeping, ill get furious if anybody ever disturb me. LOL. kidding).

All the best dearest debate family, may Allah always bless n prosper u