What is Debate???

Saturday, May 15

The New Phase

Alhamdulillah, we managed to get through the first phase of this year not perfectly, but with smooth landing...

Dear Raihan, Amira, Azizul, Arif Hakimi, Laila, Ulfah, Madihah and Aisyah;

I noe u guys are missing debate so very much (as a matter of fact, I do too). but I also noe that this is not the right time to get back on track with debate because of the exams week coming and all. I presume that as debaters, u guys would have totally master the importance of planning, and putting forward things that are urgent and important first.

but thats not what im here to talk about.

Its time, that all of u realize that we are in the new phase now. where Im much less usable and less visible for your sake. with that coming, Im here to say a few things that may help u guys around to lead a better debate unity, insya-Allah. I really hope u guys will take note of this, because never in a millionth time that I hope u guys would repeat the same mistakes that I did.

First of all, to the seniors Raihan, Amira, and Azizul.
Next year, or rather the end of this year, u guys will be leading the debate unity. Its not gonna be the same as how Fakhry and I used to lead the debate alone last year and this year because we are by far the oldest at that time. this time, theres the three of u, and I do hope firstly u guys get along well in managing the juniors. I plead that there would be no inferiority feelings between any of u,or any misunderstanding. U guys are the examples that our little brothers and sisters are going to follow. Im sure u guys could do so much better than what I did this year...

to Laila, Ulfah, Arif hakimi, Aisyah and Madihah,
next year will be great, I noe that. but with greatness, we sometimes need a change. so to say Im also pretty sure that things will change next year and not be the same. I need u guys to make sure that its always gonna be the positive change.. listen to what K.raihan, k.Amira and Azizul would say, help them out in making the rite decision for the debate unity, and most of all perform ur best in whatever that u guys do because thats when u guys make me the proudest. never lose hope to do whats best and right, as long as the Sun stil rises from the East..

to All;
Im not trying to point out to anybody here, but when its time to debate, debate ur hearts out. give ur best commitment and dont sway ur decision. take a step back, and ponder into our past actions. Debate is not just about participating into many of koko activities at once to get high marks dear, but its to show that we could conquer the world with words. even in the Quran, one of the ways to continue the Da'ie is by debating. So please, if any of u thinks that Kawad or MTQ is more fun than debate, dont try and split urself into two to make both commitments, because u will fail to do so. Im not underestimating all of ur capabilities of coping up with whatever that comes to ur life, only that Im saying that time will not allow u so bcause debate and Kawad or MTQ or anything will always clashes with each other..
and my biggest hope so far, is that someday ill be able to see the superiority of the debating skills that u guys possess in everything u do, not being clouded by any emotional feelings that u guys feel. we are the debate family, not the emotional family as everyone would label us. debate is a play of how u would use ur skills and emotions to convict other people into making them listen to u, but never to release ur emotional outburst before the debate starts and letting ur spirit down. lets start afresh, with great spirit and the rite wisdom with the fullest commitment, insya-Allah.

I hope that u got something from this, and work out something. in anyways, remember that we would always have Allah by our side, and thats why we are Incredible.

The Sky is Not the Limit...

sister Wani.