What is Debate???

Sunday, January 10

Realizing That you are INCREDIBLE

Because you know you are incredible...............

That's this blog's motto (FYI)

So my story is like this:

I went to a month of activity only to come back looking at my juniors very differrent...
What do I mean different, well one thing I feel older not to mention i'm not im not schooling anymore, secondly it's as if last years event has been forgotten, giving everyone a new spirit, a new determination.

I came with an air of shock in everyones face, especially wani's (gotcha!). everyone looked at me like: hey where did this dude came from? it wasnt any surprise, I already told Kimi I was coming. And to make things worse, there was a test. LOL

So heres my comment on your test generally: IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!

ok maybe that last part (The tic tac toe and relations one) all of you are still having a hard time grasping the concept of probability an assumption but fantastically Im impress with it.

So what do I mean you know you are incredible?

Well I read some of your answers and I found some intriguing answers:

What is the reason you enter debate this year?

  • I want to be better than K.Wani and Fakhry

  • I want to be able to think logic and critical

  • nak dapat markah koku (guess who wrote this)

These types of answers excluding the last one, shows that you have a vision with perimeters. When I mean Incredible, I mean it. the words "you know" simply states that in reality we are incredible, whether we are able to do small things like write long essays or read in a very fast way ,to the big things like memorizing the Al -Qur'an or Creating great new inventions to realizing the Islamic dream.

All of this is embed in us and so it is our duty to reform it.

Remember, Vision is not synonym with mission. they are two different things. Allah said in the Qur'an that our purpose is to become the Caliph in this world and our goal is to be "Taqwa".

Mission is the Road we are taking, while vision is the destination we are heading towards. Remember that different missions doesnt mean different visions, thats why there are many different people yet thy all could be "Taqwa"

Our job is to realize our purpose, our mission, and our vission. What differentiates us from machines or animals is our ability to believe. Hope, determination and spirit are the few things that makes us different from animals and machines, and in tis case which makes us INCREDIBLE..........................

Friday, January 8

Memoirs of 2009

Musleh Debate 2009, representatives: Wani, Laila, Kimi and Fakhry. got till quarters.

Regular debate training, every evening after shcool, hope you learn something!!!

Our Juniors and hope for 2010's debate: Amira, Azizul, Raihan, Arifuddin. Not in picture: Wani, Kimi, Ulfah, Laila, Tolin, Arif Ikmal, Aishah and Madhihah. May Allah Bless you all.