What is Debate???

Monday, November 30

Debate Journey 2

My Family..................

The road ahead of you is tough, tougher maybe than before especially when debate has become a national event where the whole country is committed towards it, except our own school. I'm afraid by the time I'm gone, you will not be able to see the world our prophet see, listen to it as he would listen and feel it as you never felt it.
My Family.......

Yes, these are hard times and thankfully I'm already used to it, but you aren't. Right now I want to tell you everything. How I felt, how I lived and how I survived in debate this year. The day you will see when there is no Fakhry is deeply close. I could feel my bones coat in frost just when I listen Wani asking about my health, Kimi wanting me to teach him how I think, Ariffuddin to train his english, Azizul to hear every laughter we make together, Amira to help her with her social problems, Raihan to give her motivation every round, Laila , to take out those fears and stand up to society, with the other members of my family Ulfah, Ikmal, Haziq, Madihah and Aishah whom all want my attention.

My Family..........

What sister Wani told you is true. Life is a game of give and take (and I understand why), because if you want something, you have to give something, sacrifice would be a better word. Whether its time, money, brain power, or your presents, you need to give something.

My Family..............

I want to tell you my journey in debate, the first chapter is already posted on my Blog (, hopefully you don't have to go through something like that. So to start this journey, hopefully you learn something from it, and most of all you don't do my mistakes, for what is a muslim if he fell into the same whole twice.

9th April 2009

Splitting up

How could it go so far?

Let’s recap. We were one of those teams that were victorious in debate. We were a team; we were improving, and most of all we were winning. We were beating every single team that got in our way and I improved dramatically after CFS Open’s. We tasted the finals! We were the first ever team from SMKA to go on stage bringing girls for the first time! Victory I saw was millimeters away.

And yet, all of that is now gone…………

I don’t believe it!

You got twenty people who wanted to enter debate and when you thought, you actually thought it was great until the unexpected happens. Iman was going to KISAS. For once I thought she wouldn’t be because she didn’t have the first intake, she even dumped me with 13 newbie that doesn’t even know how to debate, without even saying goodbye or some motivational words, no nothing! Then Wani said she had MTQ, on the 24 of April. That was during IIU league! Nafeesa was gone I could see that. She focused more to SRI Ayesha; she’s no longer helpful in this situation. No one is!!!! There all gone! I’m all alone. ALONE!!1

Azri Asyraf laughed at me. He thought it was a joke that if I even could manage to the breaks. I cried. I thought I wanted to quit. Leave forever; I don’t even know why I’m jeopardizing my SPM for something I don’t even know why I entered or something that I can’t benefit from. The teachers were furious. They asked why I haven’t been in class and got angry when I mentioned about debate.

The debate team was growing. There were 13 of us. I and Wani were the only debaters left, Raihan, Amira, Syazwani Jr., Ariffuddin, Tasnim, Ulfah, Laila, Nisa, Arif Ikmal and Tolin. All of them had to be thought from scratch. But then what?! There was no one to help, no dream, no hope.

Then Wani said to me: “Your not alone in this, were here, were a family.”

For someone with a life like mine, that was ridiculously cruel. Those words can change a lot of things. But for now Insyaallah, winning does not seem impossible, hope might be fragile but there is still hope.

I remember the time when I promised myself I would win this year. That I made a promise to myself: I will win………

24th April 2009

I woke up on the Friday morning. Base on my watch it was 5 o’clock. My dormitory was still asleep. But I wasn’t. Today’s a big day. It’s the day that shows whether or not Maahad could make history. It’s the day where the words victory means a lot. It’s the day where I will be leading my first ever team to the IIU league. I was ready, more than ready. I remembered the time when Nafeesa and I went to visit Iman at KISAS. I hated that moment. I really wanted to meet her, but our reunion was like it never existed at all. She only spoke to Nafeesa. And that made me more determined than ever to go to IIU and find her and show her how it feels to be tortured for five years in debate. Oh yes Iman, I’ll find you……

I sat by my bed. Remembering back the training I went through. Alhamdullillah, it was tough but thanks to my new twin Wanie, I was able to brainwash 13 newbie in just a month. Sight.

Hafeeza was great. Thankfully she could understand my language. She’ll be a great 1st speaker, hopefully able to match up against Iman and her KISAS team. Amira, Wanie took care of, she was great during the last debate. Raihan, I really hope she doesn’t go too emotional on this, but all in all she’s by far the best speaker among the form three’s. Tasnim on the other hand was sick. So I had to brainwash Arif in just two nights on how to become a third speaker. Then there was the case of Azizul. After much consideration I reluctantly had to make him a third speaker because Wanie won’t be here for some time so the only plan is to stall as long as I can.

It was enjoyable although it felt like a punishment. If this was the sacrifice for staying at Maahad Hamidiah and not going to KISAS, then so be it.

I got to my locker, there hanged my debaters T-shirt. It was the first time we made a T-shirt for the team. Dark blue, with the Voice of Islam logo, it was more than just a T-shirt, it was an identity.

It was 5.51 in the morning, the Subh azan could be heard from the school mosque. It was my voice after all. As the sun soars through the sky, I got this thrilling vision of me, Wanie, Azizul, and Hafeeza actually on the stage raising the trophy. Insyaallah, this is no mere dream, it is now reality.

I got to the usual daily assembly. Of course I wouldn’t want to be in it myself. It would be very embarrassing to be the only one wearing a T-shirt on a Friday morning. As I stood by the parking lot, teachers came and asked a dozen questions. I met teacher Pazilah and she came towards me, giving me cheers and motivational talks, saying that this year Maahad Hamidiah will win once I lead the team. My stomach growled in disagreement, I really hope there was more proof to it than just a lot of talk.

I saw Wanie in her peach prefect school uniform. As much as my emotions would object her going to MTQ, but still she has her own choice, I’ve got to use what I have, and what I have is me.

The others came in there dark blue debate T-shirt. Amira, Raihan, Ariffuddin, Azizul, Tasnim and Hafeeza. They’ll be representing Maahad and its there first time. We were even able to bring three observers: Laila, Ulfah and Syazwani Jr. All first- timers, all newbies.

We made our last goodbyes and good lucks to Wanie for her MTQ. And for the first time Maahad was going to use a bus to send us to IIU, Iman surely would love it. As I sat alone by the window, thoughts of me, Iman and Wanie debating in a team came rapidly. We never had a chance to debate as a team before, though.

What in the world will happen……..

Thursday, November 26

Dearest Family

Some people think that life is a battle, its actually a game of giving and receiving (cant get it? neither do i)

In this epic, lets all pause whatever we are doing right now and ponder for a while. lets just let things go, clear the minds and rewind the last step that we took.


Literally, debate means to argue. Whats so special right now is that I get to argue with people that i enjoy arguing with; Fakhry, Azizul,Arif,Kimi,Amira,Raihan,Laila and Ulfah. though im not sure if any of these people enjoy arguing with me. to be honest, arguing is not good! therefore, any regular person will say that debate is not good upon hearing the statement. but what we shall delve into right now is the specific meaning of debate to one group of human beings; who they claim themselves as family.

In a debate, theres no such thing as we call individuality. its always a team (im referring to the parliamentary debate format that most schools in Malaysia are used to). it consists of four seperated individual person, with four different types of brains, and other internal organs. but to put together, these people combined to form a team. Dearest family, this is when the family part comes in and plays a pivotal role.

The team in debate is your family. Learn that by heart, becuase family resembles the commitment we thrust upon each other in a team. when you have a team consisting of a family, and then can we only appreciate and acknowledge each other. we learn to accept each other's strengths and weaknesses, and work out on that. by doing so, can we only improve ourselves and try our best to reach a certain goal; unity.

When we debated on the motion THBT debating brings unity, most of u got it clear enough of the general meaning of debate. debate is not just arguing, its a part of life, because life is a learning process. therefore, debate is a learning proces in which u share your thoughts, broaden your scope of knowledge, and discuss things on certain issues that somehow will make u become a better person in the future. it makes u grow up. but of course it would be a lot more meaningful if we do it with people that we claim as family.

Dearest family, each and every one of u holds a great future if and only if we appreciate one another and accept for what they are (but stil theres a lot more room for imrpovement. get it..?) for the upcoming new face, stop whatever you are doing and have it revised the first thing that u do before u do anything; its your intention (niat). debate is not everything, but its something in your life. use that something to create another beneficial something in other people's life; so that it spreads and eventually and hopefully it will benefit our joyous pride; Islam.

Its only the beginning, that im putting my hopes and dreams on your shoulder to carry it forward together with ill be long, steep and tough journey, but it ll be worth it. because we are a family, under the same intentions of doing things right for Islam, on the same track to fight in His way... and the rest onle He knows better.

p/s; family out there,before u do anything, coming to the nearest debate practice or anything, think hard of this and get your niats right. What is it that makes u debate (certainly not my scoldings right..?). and What is it actually that u can understand from this family. put aside those misunderstandings, and ony other distractions that could make u fall... lets do this the right way...

Happiness is neither this nor that... its simply growth. we are happy when we are growing (still cant get it? neither do i).

Sunday, November 22

Too Worried letting go...................

Now I'm doing not to have some fun even though its my SPM week, but by the looks of it, you guys need some help, and I mean big help. adik- adik ku sekalian ni mcm tak pandai nak buat program untuk sekolah. The program that I'm talking about is the intraschool debate we're gonna organize. now if everything is going all right then it would be held on February. but as I meet Pn. Marzilah for the last time I saw that on Feb the school has all other kinds of other programs, literally about HEM. what I saw is that there will be Pengawas camp, Motivasi for F5 n F3 and other sort HEM activities pack in Feb. I'm not blaming Ustzh Marzilah, it's just that you guys some how has lost planning and we might need to postpone the date of our intraschool if neither of you guys focus on the BIG ISSUE!!!

So what it is actually, well firstly if you really do want to make a program, any kind of program, you firstly got to finish the God- knows- who- is- making kertas kerja. I'll be sending a copy of kertas kerja and Insyaallah post a sample of it. it doesnt have to be complicated, just simple and straight to the point. the faster you could do this the better. because if you can send it before My birthday (31/12), then it could be planed into the school activity and part of HEM activity. with just that we could ensure there will be no activities clashing with our intraschool and make sure we only focus on this. worst case scenario is that you send it on the first day of school, THATS THE LATEST!!!

Secondly, is the issue of money. Now let's just think for a sec. WHAT IN THE WORLD DO WE NEED RM5000 FOR!!! Blasted that money goes for some grand dinner, and worst part some of us might not be eating during that dinner because we'll be busy with some errands while some other people are eating away our money. If it was just for debaters, I mean school representative debaters, then I wouldnt mind, but awfully you'll be spending it for some bunch of people who you dont even know will actually help you in debate. Yes, maybe they'll enter, but the latest intraschool was absolutely great and I didnt saw any grand dinner. the participation was 32 teams!!! so do you get my point? we dont need to spend so much for it, where are we possibly going to get RM5000? RM 2000, 1000, is more than enough. IF for some how you still want to do it, then you would need every participate to pay RM 10 per person the least. who's going to enter? Budak Maahad have interest in debate, they have potential, but when they saw that there is a high fee, especially RM 10 then that interest will be flushed out, especially for we English debaters.

So now you get the point, Insyaallah I'll met you all back on the 17 of december ( My dads birthday is on the 16) after I end my SPM's. Good luck to you all. May Allah bless you.