What is Debate???

Tuesday, August 31

Hari Raya Reunion!!!


I heard korang nak buat reunion raya.

let's get the details straight, I meet with ariffuddin

And I think the most wonderful time to do our reunion is during the 18th or 19th of September if none of you mine. that's in the last days of cuti semester, so enough time after cuti to come back. it's on a weekend. please comment to discuss upon this.

Without wax................ Fakhry

Friday, August 27


Inna a'malu binniat

Everything is done base on Niat

In debating terms, we call it "Objective" or "Direction of debate"

Objectives in debate is fundamentally important as it carries on your case line in the debate,

like if you had a motion:

THW Ban Violent Video Games

You go as government, the first thing PM needs to say is there objective in doing this proposal

"we want a generation with zero influence from violence"

for example..............

and so from this objective, you follow it and it becomes your sides case line. Eventually everyone in your team should follow this objective, it will give you consistency.

So in the real life, make sure you get yourself a good objective and niat in anything you do, because Niat determines how you are going to implement something, and this life is all base on our amal.

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Monday, August 23


MAHDI is back on Insyaallah, get your debate files and notebooks (the computer one) cuz we have a long journey ahead of us.

PS to Raihan:
get names of up to date debaters, make sure you ONLY get people whom are "really serious" in this dakwah. if they are willing to learn, we are willing to teach. brainwash or psyco people if you have to. get there full names, emails and Ic number, then email it to me at

once dapat names, brief again about debate, I want korang biasa buat "conscious" text dalam kepala. buat with a good structure.

Motion die "THBT Muhammad would approve Hollywood"

biasakan with structure yang ada dalam text book.

MAKE SURE YOU (ESPECIALLY RAIHAN) yang tolong buat ni.

theres alot next year, better prepare, see you as soon as possible. read a lot. =)

To Arif Hakimi:
Get serious in debate dude, belajar balik structure and get use to it. you too read a lot.

To the others:
ikut cakap your seniors (especially raihan, she's in charge) next year nak MENANG!

Masuk dalam Voice of islam Yahoo group, ill post all the goodies in there