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Sunday, October 18

Charisma: The Feeling Everyone Likes

United states President Barack Obama, Britain's Tony Blair, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates and Ikhwanul Muslimin President Imam Allahyarham Hassan Al-Banna are just a few of the many people on the world stage to be accorded the epithet "charismatic". Charisma, literally "the gift of grace", is somewhat allusive term that describes the personal appeal or magnetism that gives an individual influence over a large number number of people. it is also a term that is being used with increasing frequency in the business and political arenas. So what exactly is charisma and what might we expect from someone with charisma?

Charismatic people are able to inspire others, often by their oratorical(your ability to speak) skills. Also they have this unique ability to sense and to articulate their audience's emotions and inner feelings(macam Syazwani). They are intuitive and inspirational and are able use these qualities to cultivate a universal appeal(it means that they just know what people wants).

Charismatic leaders have a gift for defining a vision and moving people towards the future. Frequently, this is propelled by a crisis. In the absence of a crisis they need to create one, or at least make people realize something is a crisis. (that sounds disastrous)

People are often more forgiving when a charismatic leader makes a mistake. in some instances, it can actually endear the leader in that it makes them appear fallible and, in this case, more human.

Charismatic leaders are not born, they are created. Insyaallah I'll give you these simple steps on how you could make yourself a bit charismatic, of course you would more than these, but it's a start:
  1. Make sure you know who you are talking to and how to talk to them. really if your talking to a chinese and start talking like an indian, they wouldnt get it, so talk as if you are part of them.
  2. Respect everyone as an individual. no one is the same person, so dont talk as if they are the same person, when talking to a crowd dont adress them as if the crowds a crowd. talk as if you are just focusing on someone, they will really think your just talking to them and not to anyone else.
  3. Make sure they really want to hear you talk. If people are forced to hear you talk, then you lose your element of maneuvering the crowd. and if they dont want to hear you talk, why should they bother to listen.
  4. Make sure they know who you are and how special you feel to meet them. it just makes them go tinggly.

Friday, October 16


Arif Jo, Azri Asyraf, Sis Atiqah, Sis Nafeesa, Muhammad, Hafeeza and Fakhrie have proven that just because you read the Qur'an doesn't mean you cant be great, doesn't mean you're some low shy puny human who are afraid of crowds, doesn't mean that you cant think critically, because all of that is wrong and these legends(especially the character from Ayat2 Cinta) has proven that those rumors are totally wrong.

And now its time to give that mantle to our juniors to continue the legacy. The G3(third generation) of hamidian debaters have just finished their exams and the road ahead of them will be harder if not greater than before. Our prayers are with them all! Good luck to you all