What is Debate???

List of Motions

Updated at 26/4/2011

These are the motions for the debates I've gone through, some are extremely hard, while some are your standards. I want you guys to go thru all of them and see how good you could make a case.

Malaysian Debate Open 2011

Grand Finals: Culture & society

THBT cultural compatibility is legitimate grounds for differential immigration policies
THBT it is justified for governments to destroy historical evidence which can cause social unrest.
TH supports state initiatives to define a national cultural identity. 

Semi Finals:Health and Medicine

THW deny citizens who took part in organ trade privileges from its national healthcare system
THW allow drug companies to advertise their products only to doctors
THW ban the research on behavioral modification

Quarter Finals: Law

THBT states should remove diplomatic immunity for judicial fairness
THBT states should compensate criminals who are acquitted on appeal.
THW ban the media from airing of opinions on ongoing court trials


THBT governments sponsorship of TV shows that promote its agendas is justified
THW disallow the making of biographical films without the consent of the subject or his/her legal heirs
THBT celebrities who openly use/glorify drugs should not be nominated for awards

RD 7 : Adam and/or Eve
THBT governments of developed countries should incentivize overseas adoption from Least Developed Countries
THW introduce an amendment for sexual minorities (LGBT)
THBT mandatory military service should include women

RD 6 : Religion
THBT fear should not be used as a means of propagating religion to children
THW ban religious preaching in public places
THW ban religious groups from lobbying.

THBT PETA(People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) should only accept vegetarians as its members
THW ban the neutering of pets
THW allow the sale of parts of endangered animals which die natural deaths

RD 4 : IR
THBT the West should recognize Palestinian attacks on Israeli settlements as legitimate
TH supports military intervention in Libya
THW re-introduce the Sunshine Policy towards North Korea

THW pay beggars to leave big cities
TH rejects the confinement of refugees
THBT countries should open borders to traditionally nomadic groups

THBT countries with overall food shortage should not join the race for bio-fuels.
THW ban speculative trading on food products
THW penalize corporations that waste food.

RD 1 : Malaysia Boleh!
THBT religious conversion should not be a prerequisite for marriage
THW allow political parties to announce alliances only before elections
THW abolish the unnatural sex law