What is Debate???

Sunday, February 20

National Novice 2011 - the ability to be independent

Whether you like it or not, losing is always...... always a part of winning

that's what I remember what I told to both Arif and Fattah, although I don't remember if they do. Before embarking on there first debate competition for this year. And what have they been going through? first rounds with university students, RM 130 fees and a hell of motions.

Yep, it seems this will be one of those hectic years in debate for MAHDI. But that is never the reason to give up and quit, it's all the reason to stand up and fight back.

However what we fear most is the inability of our juniors(Arif, Laila.... korang sumea ni lah) to function without us giving a hand to help. The inability to become dependent is one of, if not, most crucial in surviving these type of competitions in life. It's something I picked up while my days with Nafeesa and Asyraf.

You see..... I never liked to ask help from them, especially Azri Asyraf, however I wanted to win. So that's where I did my own research, my own experiments, and as many of you have seen, my own ways of debating (I made a book out of it).

I hope you to do the same, maybe not making your own notes, your own research and your own training, and maybe some day not expecting "big brother" to it for you.

I have to admit, it might be hard at first, but these things, as "big sister" once said, if you have a goal, an objective, a purpose to debate, then anything is possible.

Just like any nation, the reason they are able to gain Independence was because they felt they had a higher purpose than becoming some"subordinate" to other nations, and that's how they strive to success.

 Your first real test, was the taste of defeat during National Novice, hopefully it all gave you a huge wake up call and say to you all: I'm not here anymore, I'm ain't a school student yeah all know?!!!

So my advice, you all know your weakness, so the best thing to do is to train and train some more. Good luck for Distrcit Levels!!!!