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Thursday, July 21

IIU IDC 2011: Breaking again

Congratulations to the team from Maahad Hamidiah compromise of Arif Hakimi, Raihan Afiqah, Laila Jamilah, Fatimah Ulfah and Syazwani for continuing the tradition of MAHISS Debaters of Breaking in the IIU Debating Championship 2011.

This years tournament saw a much higher level understanding of debate than the previous, with each school with there own money to do the talking and there brains intact, MAHISS didn't had the best of roads to get to the top 24 teams in Malaysia.

But Finally, after 6 preliminary rounds, MAHISS with 4 wins rank 17th went to the Double octos! in the double octos, they had a fight with SMK Damansara Jaya, and profoundedly, they manage to win!!! getting there name into the octos. This is where they finally met there match.

in the Octos round, fighting for a place in the Quarters, they fought against SMI Hidayah (now champions in the IIU interschool 2011), old friends meet finally on the debate ground. with a very close debate and a split of 2-1, Hidayah won, and so that's where MAHISS's journey ended. But Everyone was proud of them giving  a good fight and eventually as you see in the split, "pinching" the champions of the tournament.

for our debaters, there is still a long way ahead. all except Raihan Afiqah and Syazwani won't be with us, so we're beating that next year we'll get at least to finals and relive the times when the seniors got on stage.

We thank everyone from the debaters who wasn't able to go, Both Amira's (I've forgot the last names =) , Azizul Hakim and Aisyah. Although they couldn't come, there spirit was with us the whole time, also the school which gave support towards the end, I saw Teacher Hazidah coming to watch during the break rounds and finally the parents that allowed and educated these children of MAHISS so well that it was made possible for them to get this far.

The Journey hasn't end's just started.

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  1. Miss u guys even more now ,knowing I might never will meet u guys again.thanks brother fakhry for teaching all of us.